“I have worked with Cloud Web Agency for over seven years on the development and servicing of websites for four different companies. I’m still amazed at the quality of work that they do and their dedication to delivering unparalleled value.

Their SEO, lightning-fast speeds, and user experience optimised sites have produced amazing response rates and page positions. This has eliminated the pay-per-click advertising we needed with prior companies”

Howard S Hauser

Co-founder, Partner – BizSplice

The BizSplice team reached out to us to create branding and a modern website. Brand recognition and effective image representation were key factors for their website.

Over 40 years of experience leading small, medium, and large businesses distinguish Mike Berns and Howard Hauser from other entrepreneurs.

Professional branding, A clean user interface and design are essential components of a great user experience.

We implemented branding ideas and guidelines across the entire web design process to ensure brand coherence. Our development team used cutting-edge front-end coding to produce a quick, mobile-friendly browsing experience.

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