Web design Portfolio

We are pleased to present our web design portfolio, which showcases our latest and most exceptional website designs crafted by our team at Cloud

Just a few of our most recent websites can be seen in our web design portfolio. Each website is developed to meet the needs of our customers and to provide the best user experience for all site visitors.

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I Secure Services

I Secure Services, a leading provider of security training courses, entrusted us to enhance their online presence. With a focus on excellence in security education, we crafted a dynamic website that reflects their commitment to quality and safety.

Now, their online platform showcases their courses and dedication to equipping individuals with essential skills for success in the security industry.

A M Executive

AM Executive, purveyors of premium vapes with a heart for humanitarian aid, sought our assistance in crafting an engaging online presence. Balancing their commitment to quality products with their support for an international aid relief and development charity, our design team embarked on creating a website that reflected their ethos.

The result was a dynamic digital platform that not only showcased their range of vapes but also highlighted their dedication to making a difference globally. AM Executive’s online presence now serves as a testament to their commitment to excellence and compassion.

Moses Caahn

Moses Caahn, a leading technology recruitment and executive search company, approached us for a website that reflected their innovative approach.

Our design team crafted bespoke design assets, seamlessly integrating them with the brand’s identity to create a cutting-edge website. The result? A digital presence that not only showcases Moses Caahn’s professionalism but also sets them apart in the technology recruitment sector.

Almscliffe Dog Grooming

We created a visually stunning website for Almscliffe Dog Grooming, based on their motto of delivering “a VIP treatment for every dog.”

Our design not only showcases their expertise in pet grooming but also emphasizes their commitment to customer satisfaction. With a user-friendly interface that allows pet owners to easily book appointments, access information, and explore grooming services, our website ensures a seamless experience for both Almscliffe and its cherished canine clients.

Market Masters

Market Masters LLC, pioneers of sustainable double-digit growth strategies, enlisted our expertise to bring their visionary mission to life online. With a focus on empowering CEOs through their Double-Digit Growth Bootcamp, we crafted a dynamic website that merges proven tactics with strategic insight.

The outcome? A captivating digital platform that positions Market Masters as leaders in unlocking the secrets of sustainable growth.

Reenew You

We have meticulously crafted a stunning website and branding package for an established aesthetician, embodying the essence of the company’s motto, “quality at all times.” Our dedicated team has gone above and beyond to develop a comprehensive visual identity that not only reflects but also reinforces the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality service to its valued clients.

Through thoughtful design choices and attention to detail, we’ve ensured that every aspect of the website and branding package aligns seamlessly with the company’s ethos, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.

Rachel Claire Hospitality

We meticulously crafted a beautiful website to serve as Rachel Claire Hospitality’s primary online platform. Our goal was to establish a professional online presence that not only captivates visitors but also guides them seamlessly through the wealth of information and call-to-action opportunities available. By prioritizing clear navigation and intuitive design, we’ve ensured that Rachel Claire Hospitality stands out in the digital landscape, inviting visitors to explore and engage with confidence.

Zoe's Little Cake House

The website boasts straightforward navigation alongside clear calls to action strategically placed throughout.

This seamless integration of user-friendly features, coupled with a consistent layout, has culminated in an exceptional user experience that resonates with visitors, fostering engagement and satisfaction.

Wisconsin Metal Tech

Wisconsin Metal Tech stands as the forefront CNC Machining and metal processing company in the USA, renowned for its unparalleled precision and reliability. Serving a diverse clientele spanning from local engineering firms to global OEM manufacturers, Wisconsin Metal Tech has solidified its reputation as the go-to solution provider for intricate machining and metalworking needs.

HG Blinds & Shutters

We’ve crafted a user experience-focused website tailored for the Harrogate-based family-run blinds and shutters company, prioritizing ease of navigation and accessibility.

With a warm and inviting design, the website showcases the complete range of available products, ensuring that visitors can explore and select the perfect blinds and shutters for their homes with confidence.

Elementas Jewelry

Crafted with precision and elegance, our latest project is a clean and minimalist ecommerce website tailored for renowned jewellery designer Patricia Hauser.

With a keen eye for detail, we’ve curated an online platform that perfectly encapsulates Patricia’s artistic vision, offering customers a seamless browsing and shopping experience that highlights the beauty of her exquisite creations.

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